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The Allan Alexander MacRae
Memorial Library

Allan Alexander MacRae
about 1985


Dr. Allan A. MacRae has studied under the leading Old Testament and archeological specialists in the United States, Europe, and Palestine: R. A. Torrey at Biola, Robert Dick Wilson and J. Gresham Machen at Princeton Seminary, William F. Albright at the American Schools of Oriental Research, and E. A. Speiser at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned the A.B., A.M., Th.B, A.M. (in Semitic Philology), and Ph.D degrees., studied the ancient languages related to the Bible (Babylonian Cuneiform, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Arabic and Syriac).

Dr. MacRae has taught nearly every course of the seminary during the
span of a teaching career of six decades. He taught Old Testament at three seminaries - Westminster, Faith and Biblical - and was founding president of the last two of these.

Biography of Dr. MacRae on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his ordination by Robert J. Dunzweiler

Autobiographical Interviews conducted in 1984 and 1989.

Mrs. Allan A. MacRae    Women's Bible Studies by Grace MacRae

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1986 - Interpretation & History
Essays in honour of Allan A. MacRae

A volume of essays written and presented to Dr. Allan A. MacRae by his former pupils on the occasion of his eighty-fourth birthday. The book concerns vital issues affecting the interpretation of the Bible and the understanding of certain historical problems. It comprises contributions by seventeen scholars (besides a few others), namely, R. Laird Harris, J. Robert Vannoy, Robert E. Longacre, Paul R. Gilchrist, Samuel J. Schultz, Elmer B. Smick, Robert A. Peterson, Robert C. Newman, W. Harold Mare. Vernon C. Grounds, Robert J. Dunzweiler, Gordon R. Lewis, William Paul, Wilber B. Wallis, Thomas V. Taylor, William N. Harding, and John M. L. Young.
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1994 - Biblical Christianity
Letters from Professor Allan A. MacRae, Ph. D.

In this collection of letters compiled by Dr. Quek Swee Hwa, Dr. MacRae writes on a wide range of topics. They include the JEDP Theory, Special Creation, Mormonism, baptism, eschatology, education and dispensationalism.

The letters in this volume were not written with any thought of publication. Every one of them was composed in response to a letter asking for clarification on some point of biblical interpretation, Christian belief or activity.     
ALSO AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOADS:  Word (.doc: 1.0 Mb) and Acrobat (.pdf: 3.0 Mb)
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1991 - The Prophecies of Daniel

Many discussions approach the book of Daniel with a rather complete theory of God's plan for the future, and endeavor to fit each of its prophecies into a predetermined viewpoint. The differing eschatological systems of the writers affect their interpretation at many points. The present writer has profited from insights found in these various books. Yet his present purpose is quite different.

That purpose is to concentrate on the exact phrases of Daniel's prophecies, trying to see how much or how little can properly be drawn from each of them while keeping references to other parts of Scripture to a minimum. We shall aim to see what can be determined with certainty about the meaning of each statement, to indicate the degree of support that various interpretations can claim, and to note points at which the careful student should reserve judgment. We shall utilize all the available linguistic, historical and archaeological material, and shall try to deal fully and carefully with each problem, but we shall endeavor to express the results of our investigation in language that can be understood by any educated layman.

"Dr. Allan MacRae's scholarly work on the Prophecies of Daniel reflects his typical in-depth study of God's Word, and especially the Old Testament. His work on Daniel provides rewarding insight and illumination into those areas of exegesis that are too frequently treated lightly or avoided altogether. His characteristic probing of scriptural passages is seen in his treatment of the expression 'Son of Man' in Daniel Chapter 7.

Dr. MacRae's work will be of special interest and geat value to all those who have wrested with the much debated passages in Daniel."
Dr. Arthur E. Steele, Chancellor
Clearwater Christian College

Available as Kindle eBook

1977 - The GOSPEL of ISAIAH

THE PURPOSE of this treatment of Isaiah 40:1-56:8 is to examine its great themes and to study their interrelations. It is hoped that the work will be useful to ministers and to other Bible students, whether they have knowledge of the original languages or not.

The book is not intended to be a commentary on this section of Isaiah. There are a number of good commentaries, written from various viewpoints, that contain helpful discussions of particular words and phrases. The main purpose of this writing is to open up the treasures of this section of the book by showing the interrelation of the thoughts and the general progress of the ideas presented.


"Dr. MacRae has carried on the tradition of Robert Dick Wilson. His scholarship has helped countless young men and women to understand the weaknesses of liberal theology's view of the Bible. He has stood, and stands, for the Bible as with out error in all areas: that is, in history and the things of interest to science as well as in religious matters. This, of course, bears directly on the consideration of the book of Isaiah. Dr. MacRae's deep knowledge of the cognate Semitic languages, as well as Hebrew, provides a base for a study in depth. This has never been more needed than in the present confusion in the Christian, and even evangelical, world."
Francis A. Schaeffer

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1995 - Studies in Isaiah

Even a casual reader of the Old Testament is immediately conscious of a great change in literary style when he reaches the book of Isaiah. It is almost like going from Mexico into the United States. A similar difference is found when one gets to the end of Isaiah and begins to read Jeremiah.

Jeremiah presents ideas in fairly simple language, but Isaiah reiterates his thoughts in similes and metaphors, and employs many interesting and beautiful turns of expression. He is not content with describing his sorrow; he laments in poetic language. When he comes to passages of joy, he sings great songs of rejoicing.

Isaiah has a style all his own-a style is so unique that it is easy to distinguish it from other parts of Scripture. This is one reason why it is extremely unlikely that the view of the "higher critics" is true, that the book of Isaiah was written by two or more men. Some have even suggested that as many as thirty or forty writers may have written parts of the book, but it would be extremely improbable that a number of people would write in such a unified style.     
- From the Introduction
Available as Kindle eBook

1991 - JEDP: Lectures on the Higher Criticism of the Pentateuch
Available as Kindle eBook

 cover The question of the Pentateuch - what it is, who wrote it, and when it was written - has been a focal point of the attack upon supernatural Christianity and has had visible results in every portion of the professing Christian world. The controversy about the Pentateuch, which was raised sixty years ago throughout Christendom, and which was especially prominent in all theological institutions, is no longer as visibly prominent as it was then. The reason for this, from the view point of the liberals, is their belief that their battle has been won. At this point, since it is their opinion that it was won sixty years ago, today you will rarely find a seminary with a class which takes up the question as fully as we will in this course, even though it will be from a negative viewpoint. Today you will rarely find it discussed, but sixty years ago you would have found it presented in connection with practically every subject. The vital questions were, did Moses write the Pentateuch? Is the Pentateuch something God revealed? Is it dependable, or is the new theory about its origin the correct one? At that time arguments raged back and forth over these questions. Today that portion of the Christian world which studies these matters is divided into two sections.

Most of the older institutions of Christian learning are now under the control of those who hold the viewpoint that the Wellhausen Theory has been proved and established. In their opinion, it is just as absurd to question that theory as it would be, in their opinion, to question the theory of evolution. Among us the theory of evolution seems highly questionable, but in much of the scholarly world evolution is simply taken as established fact and there is not much debate as to whether or not it is true. Whoever does not believe in it is considered obscurantist and unintelligent, and is accused of lacking faith in the discoveries of science.

"Dr. MacRae has carried on the tradition of Robert Dick Wilson. His scholarship has helped countless young men and women to understand the weaknesses of liberal theology's view of the Bible."
Framcos A. Schaeffer

"Professor MacRae, Hebrew and Old Testament scholar, gave Fran what he feels to have been the most excellent teaching on Old Testament prophets and essential stability to Fran's exegesis."
Edith Schaeffer


1986 Charles Darwin: the Man and the Myth  Related Lecture
Available as Kindle eBook
24 pp. $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-31-9. Darwin was not the originator of the theory of evolution, but he did give it scientific respectability. The explosive impact of the Origin of Species was partly a pent-up reaction to the biblical worldview of the Great Awakening, partly the effective combination of Huxley as fighter and Darwin as quiet background thinker.


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